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Digital transformation

Transforming an organisation with digital technologies inevitably leads to the transformation of the whole business.

Technology optimisation

As technology processes become more and more dependent on digital, we use this as an opportunity for further optimisation.

Consulting and support

As a business experiences rapid technology developments, the need for continuous advice and ongoing support increases.

Business process automation

In the era of digital transformation, a robust process automation infrastructure is an essential foundation element.

Embedded electronics

In today’s interconnected world people expect many things to act as devices. We believe that embedded electronics are key to digital and technology transformations of a business.

IT infrastructure

Infrastructure is what keeps everything moving forward. We provide cyber-security solutions and support in managing your IT infrastructure.

Discover our projects and the rigorous process of creation. Our principles are creativity, value driven design, and knowledge. We are backed by 20 years of experience.

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About us

Innovative8 is a group of various technology and IT providers. We form a cluster to bring the best products, solutions and expertise together. We act as a single point of execution delivering innovation based on digital technologies and more.
Talent, the only thing that generates new value. When combined with deep expertise in specific IT and technology areas, it brings a new level of performance for our customers.
Innovative8 has diverse expertise in design and development including embedded electronics, industrial automation, analytics, and business process automation.
Having a unique business model is the ultimate goal for any enterprise. Technology can help, however to continuously be successful you need to combine it with creativity and experience.